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Image of Ariok
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Affiliation Orgrimmar
Location Flamestar Post, then Chiselgrip and eventually Flame Crest, Burning Steppes
Status Alive
Relative(s) Eitrigg (father), 2 unnamed brothers (deceased)

Ariok is a level 53 orc quest giver located at Flamestar Post (only visible to Horde players), in the contested territory of Burning Steppes. He later moves to Chiselgrip and finally Flame Crest.

He is an orc of the Blackrock clan, but he doesn't share their goals and objectives. It is later revealed that he is the son of Eitrigg. He spent his life in the Blackrock Mountain and he had befriend the Dark Irons of the Thorium Brotherhood.

For Alliance players, his counterpart is John J. Keeshan, who offers the Alliance version of his quests.



When at Flamestar Post:

When at Flame Crest:


I serve my father and respect his plan... but I also serve my own sense of justice. I have seen enough treachery from my Blackrock brothers to fill a thousand books. And now they plan to invade Redridge, for no reason other than blind territorialism.

The treachery stops here. It's time for the final chapter. And it's not going to be a happy ending.

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