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Cataclysm instances by level

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For information on how to get into each instance (key, attunement, etc), see Instance attunement.
Instances by level
WoW Icon 16x16.png World of Warcraft
TBC The Burning Crusade
WotLK Wrath of the Lich King
Icon Cataclysm 18x18.gif Cataclysm
MoP Mists of Pandaria
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This article is a list of Cataclysm instances by level.

  • Horde/Alliance means only Horde/Alliance players have quests there.
  • You may be able to be summoned via the summoning stone despite the fact that your character's level is outside the recommended level range.

Patch 3.3.0 (2009-12-08): To use any Meeting Stone, it is only required that the character’s minimum level be 15. There is no maximum character level requirement for any Meeting Stone.

Instance Name Abbreviations Zone Type Minimum Level Suggested Level Range Heroic Min. Level Heroic Level Range Bosses Notes
Throne of the Tides TotT Vashj'ir 5-man 80 80-81 85 85+ Lady Naz'jar, Commander Ulthok, Mindbender Ghur'sha, Ozumat
Blackrock Caverns BRC Blackrock Mountain 5-man 77 80-83 85 85+ Rom'ogg Bonecrusher, Corla, Herald of Twilight, Karsh Steelbender, Beauty, Ascendant Lord Obsidius
The Stonecore SC Deepholm 5-man 81 82-84 85 85+ Corborus, Slabhide, Ozruk, High Priestess Azil
The Vortex Pinnacle VP Uldum, Skywall 5-man 81 82-84 85 85+ Grand Vizier Ertan, Altairus, Asaad
Lost City of the Tol'vir LCoT Uldum, Vir'naal River Delta 5-man 84 85 85 85+ General Husam, Augh & Lockmaw, High Prophet Barim, Siamat
Grim Batol GB Twilight Highlands, Grim Batol 5-man 84 85 85 85+ General Umbriss, Forgemaster Throngus, Drahga Shadowburner, Erudax
Halls of Origination HoO Uldum 5-man 84 85 85 85+ Temple Guardian Anhuur, Earthrager Ptah, Anraphet, Isiset, Ammunae, Setesh, Rajh
The Deadmines (Heroic) H-DM or H-VC Westfall, Moonbrook 5-man 85 85+ Glubtok, Helix Gearbreaker, Foe Reaper 5000, Admiral Ripsnarl, "Captain" Cookie, Vanessa VanCleef
Shadowfang Keep (Heroic) H-SFK Silverpine Forest 5-man 85 85+ Baron Ashbury, Baron Silverlaine, Commander Springvale, Lord Walden, Lord Godfrey
Zul'Aman ZA Ghostlands 5-man 85 85++ Nalorakk, Akil'zon, Halazzi, Jan'alai, Hex Lord Malacrass, Daakara Patch 4.1.0: Added
Zul'Gurub ZG Northern Stranglethorn 5-man 85 85++ High Priest Venoxis, Bloodlord Mandokir, High Priestess Kilnara, Zanzil, Jin'do the Godbreaker Patch 4.1.0: Added
End Time ET Tanaris, Caverns of Time 5-man 85 85++ Echo of Baine, Echo of Jaina, Echo of Sylvanas, Echo of Tyrande, Murozond Patch 4.3.0: Added
Well of Eternity WoE Tanaris, Caverns of Time 5-man 85 85++ Peroth'arn, Queen Azshara, Mannoroth and Varo'then Patch 4.3.0: Added
Hour of Twilight HoT Tanaris, Caverns of Time 5-man 85 85++ Arcurion, Asira Dawnslayer, Archbishop Benedictus Patch 4.3.0: Added
Baradin Hold BH Tol Barad 10/25-man raid 85 85+ Argaloth, Occu'thar, Alizabal
The Bastion of Twilight BoT Twilight Highlands, Twilight Citadel 10/25-man raid 85 85+ Halfus Wyrmbreaker, Valiona and Theralion, Ascendant Council, Cho'gall, Sinestra (Heroic only)
Throne of the Four Winds TFW Uldum, Skywall 10/25-man raid 85 85+ Conclave of Wind, Al'Akir
Blackwing Descent BWD Blackrock Mountain 10/25-man raid 85 85+ Omnotron Defense System, Magmaw, Atramedes, Chimaeron, Maloriak, Nefarian's End
Firelands FL Mount Hyjal 10/25-man raid 85 85++ Beth'tilac, Lord Rhyolith, Alysrazor, Shannox, Baleroc, Majordomo Staghelm, Ragnaros Patch 4.2.0: Added
Dragon Soul DS Tanaris, Caverns of Time 10/25-man raid 85 85+++ Morchok, Warlord Zon'ozz, Yor'sahj the Unsleeping, Hagara the Stormbinder, Ultraxion, Warmaster Blackhorn, Spine of Deathwing, Madness of Deathwing Patch 4.3.0: Added

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