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Dig sites are resources for the Archaeology skill. They are specific locations which enables a player to use [Survey] within them, in order to search for archaeology fragments and keystones. These can then (when the player has enough) be used to make items.



How dig sites appear on the different maps.
  • Dig sites are race-specific; a dig site will only yield fragments and keystones related to a specific race. A dig site is however not limited to players of the same race; a dwarf player will have no problem searching a troll-dig site for troll-artifacts. The race-specification of a dig site is not random, but determined by where it spawns. For example, whenever a dig site spawns at Sargeron it will always be a night elf dig site.
  • Dig site locations are also player-specific, meaning unlike Mining and Herbalism, players are not competing against each other for access. In other words; the dig site one player can see will be invisible to another player. It is, however, fully possible that two dig sites "belonging" to two different players will spawn at the exact same location at the same time. This may cause the players to meet, which could result in a fight if they can attack each other (though none of them would gain any benefits, archaeology-wise, by winning).
  • Dig sites have six finds before they get tapped out and a new one opens up. It is completely random where a new one will open, though a dig site cannot spawn onto another dig site. That means the player cannot choose which race the player wants to dig for. The player has no choice but simply search those already present, whether the player wants to search items of that race or not. There are four dig sites active at any one time on each of the four continents (Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland, Northrend).
  • Dig sites can be seen on the minimap, zone-maps and continent maps. On zone-maps, dig sites will appear as orange spots. On continent-maps, dig sites will appear as small shovels. Notice that Stranglethorn Vale will not display dig sites as orange spots before you zoom in on either the northern or southern part of it.
  • The player is initially able to see and search dig sites in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. When the player's archaeology-skill becomes high enough, he/she will also be able to see and search dig sites in Outland (skill 300), Northrend (skill 375) and Cataclysm-areas (skill 450).
  • You search a dig site by using [Survey] to drop a theodolite. This will point in the direction of the find, additionally signalizing the distance from it with an attached red-yellow-green marker. Red is over 100 yards away, yellow is 50-100 yards away, green is less than 50 yards away. When the player is within approximately 10 yards of the find and uses Survey, the find will appear instead of the theodolite. It is impossible to even use Survey if you are not inside a dig site.

Locations by Continent

Eastern Kingdoms

Name Location Zone Type
Vul'Gol Fossil Bank Vul'Gol Ogre Mound Duskwood Fossil
Twilight Grove Digsite Twilight Grove Duskwood Night Elf
Greenwarden's Fossil Bank Mosshide Fen Wetlands Fossil
Thandol Span Thandol Span Wetlands Dwarf
Ironbeard's Tomb Ironbeard's Tomb Wetlands Dwarf
Whelgar's Excavation Site Whelgar's Excavation Site Wetlands Dwarf
Eastern Zul'Mamwe Digsite Ruins of Zul'Mamwe Northern Stranglethorn Troll
Western Zul'Mamwe Digsite Ruins of Zul'Mamwe Northern Stranglethorn Troll
Bal'lal Ruins Digsite Bal'lal Ruins Northern Stranglethorn Troll
Balia'mah Ruins Digsite Balia'mah Ruins Northern Stranglethorn Troll
Western Ruins of Zul'Kunda Digsite Ruins of Zul'Kunda Northern Stranglethorn Troll
Eastern Zul'Kunda Digsite Ruins of Zul'Kunda Northern Stranglethorn Troll
Western Zul'Kunda Digsite Ruins of Zul'Kunda Northern Stranglethorn Troll
Ziata'jai Digsite North of Fort Livingston Northern Stranglethorn Troll
Savage Coast Raptor Fields North of Grom'gol Base Camp Northern Stranglethorn Fossil
Nek'mani Wellspring Digsite Nek'mani Wellspring Cape of Stranglethorn Troll
Ruins of Jubuwal Ruins of Jubuwal Cape of Stranglethorn Troll
Ruins of Aboraz Ruins of Aboraz Cape of Stranglethorn Troll
Gurubashi Arena Digsite Gurubashi Arena Cape of Stranglethorn Troll
Thoradin's Wall Thoradin's Wall Arathi Highlands Dwarf
Witherbark Digsite Witherbark Village Arathi Highlands Troll
Felstone Fossil Field Felstone Field Western Plaguelands Fossil
Northridge Fossil Field Northridge Lumber Camp Western Plaguelands Fossil
Andorhal Fossil Bank West of Chillwind Camp Western Plaguelands Fossil
Infectis Scar Fossil Field Infectis Scar Eastern Plaguelands Fossil
Quel'Lithien Lodge Digsite Quel'Lithien Lodge Eastern Plaguelands Night Elf
Zul'Mashar Digsite Zul'Mashar Eastern Plaguelands Troll
Terrorweb Tunnel Digsite Terrorweb Tunnel Eastern Plaguelands Nerubian
Plaguewood Digsite Plaguewood Eastern Plaguelands Nerubian
Aerie Peak Digsite Aerie Peak Hinterlands Dwarf
Shadra'Alor Digsite Shadra'Alor Hinterlands Troll
Altar of Zul Digsite Altar of Zul Hinterlands Troll
Agol'watha Digsite Agol'watha Hinterlands Troll
Jintha'Alor Upper City Digsite Jintha'Alor Hinterlands Troll
Jintha'Alor Lower City Digsite Jintha'Alor Hinterlands Troll
Uldaman Entrance Digsite The Maker's Terrace Badlands Dwarf
Hammertoe's Digsite Hammertoe's Digsite Badlands Dwarf
Tomb of the Watchers Digsite Tomb of the Watchers Badlands Dwarf
Grim Batol Digsite Grim Batol Twilight Highlands Dwarf
Humboldt Conflagration Digsite Humboldt Conflagration Twilight Highlands Dwarf
Dunwald Ruins Digsite Dunwald Ruins Twilight Highlands Dwarf
Thundermar Ruins Digsite Thundermar Ruins Twilight Highlands Dwarf
Eastern Ruins of Thaurissan Ruins of Thaurissan Burning Steppes Dwarf
Western Ruins of Thaurissan Ruins of Thaurissan Burning Steppes Dwarf
Terror Wing Fossil Field Terror Wing Path Burning Steppes Fossil
Dun Garok Digsite Dun Garok Hillsbrad Foothills Dwarf
Southshore Fossil Field East of Tarren Mill/Southshore Hillsbrad Foothills Fossil
Pyrox Flats Digsite Pyrox Flats Searing Gorge Dwarf
Grimesilt Digsite Grimesilt Dig Site Searing Gorge Dwarf
Misty Reed Fossil Bank Misty Reed Strand Swamp of Sorrows Fossil
Sunken Temple Digsite Pool of Tears Swamp of Sorrows Troll
Ironband's Excavation Site Ironband's Excavation Site Loch Modan Dwarf
Lakeridge Highway Fossil Bank Lakeridge Highway Redridge Mountains Fossil
Dreadmaul Fossil Field Dreadmaul Post Blasted Lands Fossil
Red Reaches Fossil Bank The Red Reaches Blasted Lands Fossil


Name Location Zone Type
Ruins of Arkkoran Temple of Arkkoran Azshara Night Elf
Ruins of Eldarath Ruins of Eldarath Azshara Night Elf
Nazj'vel Digsite Nazj'vel Darkshore Night Elf
Nightmare Scar Digsite Overgrowth Southern Barrens Night Elf
Bael Modan Digsite Bael Modan Southern Barrens Dwarf
Fields of Blood Fossil Bank Fields of Blood Southern Barrens Fossil
Kodo Graveyard Kodo Graveyard Desolace Fossil
Sargeron Digsite Sargeron Desolace Night Elf
Slitherblade Shore Digsite Slitherblade Shore Desolace Night Elf
Ethel Rethor Digsite Slitherblade Shore Desolace Night Elf
Mannoroc Coven Digsite Mannoroc Coven Desolace Night Elf
Valley of Bones Valley of Bones Desolace Fossil
Darkmist Digsite Darkmist Ruins Feralas Night Elf
Ravenwind Digsite Ruins of Ravenwind Feralas Night Elf
North Isildien Digsite Ruins of Isildien Feralas Night Elf
South Isildien Digsite Ruins of Isildien Feralas Night Elf
Dire Maul Digsite Dire Maul Feralas Night Elf
Broken Commons Digsite Dire Maul Feralas Night Elf
Solarsal Digsite Ruins of Solarsal Feralas Night Elf
Oneiros Digsite Dreamer's Rest Feralas Night Elf
Constellas Digsite Ruins of Constellas Felwood Night Elf
Ironwood Digsite Irontree Woods Felwood Night Elf
Jaedenar Digsite Jaedenar Felwood Night Elf
Morlos'Aran Digsite Morlos'Aran Felwood Night Elf
Zul'Farrak Digsite Sandsorrow Watch Tanaris Troll
Eastmoon Ruins Digsite Eastmoon Ruins Tanaris Troll
Dunemaul Fossil Ridge Southmoon Ruins Tanaris Fossil
Southmoon Ruins Digsite Southmoon Ruins Tanaris Troll
Broken Pillar Digsite Broken Pillar Tanaris Troll
Abyssal Sands Fossil Ridge Abyssal Sands Tanaris Fossil
Lower Lakkari Tar Pits Lakkari Tar Pits Un'Goro Crater Fossil
Upper Lakkari Tar Pits Lakkari Tar Pits Un'Goro Crater Fossil
Marshlands Fossil Bank The Marshlands Un'Goro Crater Fossil
Screaming Reaches Fossil Field Screaming Reaches Un'Goro Crater Fossil
Terror Run Fossil Field Terror Run Un'Goro Crater Fossil
Southwind Village Digsite Southwind Village Silithus Night Elf
Shrine of Goldrinn Digsite Shrine of Goldrinn Mount Hyjal Night Elf
Sanctuary of Malorne Digsite Sanctuary of Malorne Mount Hyjal Night Elf
Grove of Aessina Digsite Grove of Aessina Mount Hyjal Night Elf
Scorched Plain Digsite The Scorched Plain Mount Hyjal Night Elf
Ruins of Lar'donir Digsite Ruins of Lar'donir Mount Hyjal Night Elf
Tombs of the Precursors Digsite Tombs of the Precursors Uldum Tol'vir
Ruins of Ammon Digsite Ruins of Ammon Uldum Tol'vir
Ruins of Ahmtul Digsite Ruins of Ahmtul Uldum Tol'vir
Ruins of Khintaset Digsite Ruins of Khintaset Uldum Tol'vir
Khartut's Tomb Digsite Khartut's Tomb Uldum Tol'vir
Neferset Digsite Neferset City Uldum Tol'vir
Steps of Fate Digsite Steps of Fate Uldum Tol'vir
Temple of Uldum Digsite Temple of Uldum Uldum Tol'vir
Orsis Digsite Orsis Uldum Tol'vir
River Delta Digsite Lost City of the Tol'vir Uldum Tol'vir
Cursed Landing Digsite Cursed Landing Uldum Tol'vir
Keset Pass Digsite Keset Pass Uldum Tol'vir
Akhenet Fields Digsite Akhenet Fields Uldum Tol'vir
Obelisk of the Stars Digsite Obelisk of the Stars Uldum Tol'vir
Sahket Wastes Digsite Sahket Wastes Uldum Tol'vir
Schnottz's Landing Schnottz's Landing Uldum Tol'vir
Quagmire Fossil Field Quagmire Dustwallow Marsh Fossil
Wyrmbog Fossil Field Wyrmbog Dustwallow Marsh Fossil
Frostwhisper Gorge Digsite Frostwhisper Gorge Winterspring Night Elf
Lake Kel'Theril Digsite Lake Kel'Theril Winterspring Night Elf
Owl Wing Thicket Digsite Owl Wing Thicket Winterspring Night Elf
Forest Song Digsite Forest Song Ashenvale Night Elf
Ruins of Ordil'Aran The Ruins of Ordil'Aran Ashenvale Night Elf
Ruins of Stardust The Ruins of Stardust Ashenvale Night Elf
Zoram Strand Digsite Zoram Strand Ashenvale Night Elf
Stonetalon Peak Stonetalon Peak Stonetalon Mountains Night Elf
Ruins of Eldre'thar Ruins of Eldre'thar Stonetalon Mountains Night Elf
Unearthed Grounds Unearthed Grounds Stonetalon Mountains Fossil


Name Location Zone Type
Hellfire Basin Digsite Hellfire Basin Hellfire Peninsula Orc
Hellfire Citadel Digsite Hellfire Citadel Hellfire Peninsula Orc
Sha'naar Digsite Ruins of Sha'naar Hellfire Peninsula Draenei
Zeth'Gor Digsite Zeth'Gor Hellfire Peninsula Orc
Gor'gaz Outpost Digsite Gor'gaz Outpost Hellfire Peninsula Orc
Twin Spire Ruins Digsite Twin Spire Ruins Zangarmarsh Draenei
Boha'mu Ruins Digsite Boha'mu Ruins Zangarmarsh Draenei
Bonechewer Ruins Digsite Bonechewer Ruins Terokkar Forest Orc
Bleeding Hollow Ruins Digsite Bleeding Hollow Ruins Terokkar Forest Orc
Tuurem Digsite Tuurem Terokkar Forest Draenei
Bone Wastes Digsite Bone Wastes Terokkar Forest Draenei
East Auchindoun Digsite Auchindoun Terokkar Forest Draenei
West Auchindoun Digsite Auchindoun Terokkar Forest Draenei
Grangol'var Village Digsite Grangol'var Village Terokkar Forest Orc
Sunspring Post Digsite Sunspring Post Nagrand Orc
Ancestral Grounds Digsite Ancestral Grounds Nagrand Orc
Burning Blade Digsite Burning Blade Ruins Nagrand Orc
Laughing Skull Digsite Laughing Skull Ruins Nagrand Orc
Halaa Digsite Halaa Nagrand Draenei
Illidari Point Digsite Illidari Point Shadowmoon Valley Draenei
Eclipse Point Digsite Eclipse Point Shadowmoon Valley Draenei
Coilskar Point Digsite Coilskar Point Shadowmoon Valley Draenei
Warden's Cage Digsite Warden's Cage Shadowmoon Valley Orc
Ruins of Baa'ri Digsite Ruins of Baa'ri Shadowmoon Valley Draenei
Dragonmaw Fortress Dragonmaw Fortress Shadowmoon Valley Orc
Ruins of Enkaat Digsite Ruins of Enkaat Netherstorm Draenei
Ruins of Farahlon Digsite Ruins of Farahlon Netherstorm Draenei
Arklon Ruins Digsite Arklon Ruins Netherstorm Draenei


Name Location Zone Type
Talramas Digsite Talramas Borean Tundra Nerubian
En'kilah Digsite Temple City of En'kilah Borean Tundra Nerubian
Riplash Ruins Digsite Riplash Ruins Borean Tundra Night Elf
Sands of Nasam Sands of Nasam Borean Tundra Nerubian
Pit of Narjun Digsite The Pit of Narjun Dragonblight Nerubian
Moonrest Gardens Digsite Moonrest Gardens Dragonblight Night Elf
Voldrune Digsite Voldrune Grizzly Hills Vrykul
Drakil'jin Ruins Digsite Drakil'jin Ruins Grizzly Hills Troll
Baleheim Digsite Baleheim Howling Fjord Vrykul
Wyrmskull Digsite Wyrmskull Village Howling Fjord Vrykul
Gjalerbron Digsite Gjalerbron Howling Fjord Vrykul
Halgrind Digsite Halgrind Howling Fjord Vrykul
Nifflevar Digsite Nifflevar Howling Fjord Vrykul
Skorn Digsite Skorn Howling Fjord Vrykul
Shield Hill Digsite Shield Hill Howling Fjord Vrykul
Kolramas Digsite Kolramas Zul'Drak Nerubian
Zol'Heb Digsite Zol'Heb Zul'Drak Troll
Zim'Rhuk Digsite Zim'Rhuk Zul'Drak Troll
Altar of Quetz'lun Digsite Altar of Quetz'lun Zul'Drak Troll
Altar of Sseratus Digsite Altar of Sseratus Zul'Drak Troll
Violet Stand Digsite Violet Stand Crystalsong Forest Night Elf
Ruins of Shandaral Digsite Ruins of Shandaral Crystalsong Forest Night Elf
Njorndar Village Digsite Jotunheim Icecrown Vrykul
Scourgeholme Digsite Scourgeholme Icecrown Nerubian
Pit of Fiends Digsite Pit of Fiends Icecrown Nerubian
Jotunheim Digsite Jotunheim Icecrown Vrykul
Ymirheim Digsite Ymirheim Icecrown Vrykul
Brunnhildar Village Digsite Brunnhildar Village Storm Peaks Vrykul
Valkyrion Digsite Valkyrion Storm Peaks Vrykul
Sifreldar Village Digsite Sifreldar Village Storm Peaks Vrykul


MoP This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.

Name Location Zone Type
East Arboretum Digsite Arboretum Jade Forest Pandaren
The Arboretum Digsite West Arboretum Jade Forest Pandaren
Thunderwood Digsite Camp Gormal Jade Forest Mogu
Emperor's Omen Digsite Emperor's Omen Jade Forest Pandaren
Gong of Hope Digsite Gong of Hope Jade Forest Pandaren
Town Digsite Greenstone Village Jade Forest Pandaren
South Orchard Digsite Nectarbreeze Orchard Jade Forest Pandaren
Great Bridge Digsite Shadybranch Pocket Jade Forest Pandaren
Shrine Meadow Digsite Shrine of Remembrance Jade Forest Pandaren
Tigers' Wood Digsite Tigers' Wood Jade Forest Pandaren
South Great Wall Digsite Dustback Gorge Valley of the Four Winds Mogu
Paoquan Hollow Digsite Paoquan Hollow Valley of the Four Winds Pandaren
Pools of Purity Digsite Pools of Purity Valley of the Four Winds Pandaren
Singing Marshes Digsite Singing Marshes Valley of the Four Winds Mogu
North Great Wall Digsite Stoneplow Fields Valley of the Four Winds Mogu
Torjari Pit Digsite Torjari Pit Valley of the Four Winds Mogu
Fallsong Village Digsite Fallsong Village Krasarang Wilds Mogu
Krasarang River Digsite Krasarang River Krasarang Wilds Mogu
East Ruins of Dojan Digsite Ruins of Dojan Krasarang Wilds Mogu
West Ruins of Dojan Digsite Ruins of Dojan Krasarang Wilds Mogu
Ruins of Korja Digsite Ruins of Korja Krasarang Wilds Mogu
Zhu Province Digsite West Zhu Province Krasarang Wilds Pandaren
Hidden Pass Digsite Spring Road Veiled Stair Mogu
Gate to Golden Valley Digsite Gate of the August Celestials Kun-Lai Summit Mogu
Grumblepaw Ranch Digsite Muskpaw Ranch Kun-Lai Summit Pandaren
Kun-Lai Peak Digsite Seeker's Folly Kun-Lai Summit Pandaren
Valley of Kings Digsite Valley of Kings Kun-Lai Summit Mogu
Snow Covered Hills Digsite Winter's Blossom Kun-Lai Summit Mogu
Remote Village Digsite Zouchin Village Kun-Lai Summit Pandaren
Niuzao Temple Digsite Niuzao Temple Townlong Steppes Pandaren
Writingwood Digsite Forgotten Mire Dread Wastes  ?
Lake of Stars Digsite Lake of Stars Dread Wastes  ?
Terrace of Gurthan Digsite Terrace of Gurthan Dread Wastes  ?
Setting Sun Garrison Digsite Setting Sun Garrison Vale of Eternal Blossoms Pandaren
Mogu Winterbough Digsite Winterbough Glade Vale of Eternal Blossoms Mogu

Patch changes

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.6 (2011-02-08): Seven new Tol'Vir Dig Sites added to Uldum: Akhenet Fields Digsite, Cursed Landing Digsite, Keset Pass Digsite, Obelisk of the Stars Digsite, River Delta Digsite, Sahket Wastes Digsite, and Schnottz's Landing. Also, two new Nerubian sites added to Eastern Plaguelands: Terrorweb Tunnel Digsite and Plaguewood Digsite. Lastly, two new Nerubian sites added to Northrend: Pit of Fiends Digsite (in Icecrown) and Sands of Nasam (in Borean Tundra).
  • Hotfix (2010-12-22): Vashj'ir dig sites no longer unlock for players. They felt too punishing without additional benefits compared to low-level sites, and were much more difficult to obtain artifacts in due to the way Vashj'ir navigation works.
Removed sites: Quel'Dormir Gardens Digsite, Night Elf; Nar'shola (Middle Tier) Digsite, Night Elf; Biel'aran Ridge Digsite, Night Elf.