Winged arakkoa

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The winged arakkoa[1] also called flying arakkoa[2] are upright, winged arakkoa representing the original form of the race. The term is used in contrast with the hunched, flightless arakkoa, mutated by being thrown into the cursed pools of Sethekk Hollow.


  • Adherents of Rukhmar: Flying followers of the sun god Rukhmar, who fear and hate the arakkoa cursed by Sethe. The Adherents are based in Skyreach and use salvaged Apexis technology to fire beams of light down on the Outcasts below, setting their towns on fire. Punishment for crime in Adherent society is being tossed into the pools at the Sethekk Hollow, transforming arakkoa into a cursed, flightless state.
  • Order of the Awakened: A group made up of both cursed and high arakkoa. The Order gathers Apexis Crystals to battle the Adherents of Rukhmar, and claim to seek a peaceful new era for their people. They can be found at Stormshield and Warspear trading goods in exchange for the crystals.


  • These arakkoa were likely foreshadowed by Kokorek in A [65] Primal Magic (both removed in the TBC beta).