Pearlfin Jinyu

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AlliancePearlfin Jinyu
Pearlfin Village.jpg
Pearlfin Village
Main leader Elder Lusshan
Race(s) Jinyu Jinyu
Capital Pearlfin Village, Jade Forest
Theater of operations Jade Forest
Notable reward(s)  [Fishy]

The Pearlfin Jinyu are a reserved and methodical race of fish people. They find themselves allied with the Alliance to stand a chance of fending off a Forest Hozen assault. They are comprised of members of the Pearlfin tribe. They are long time enemies of the Forest Hozen.


All reputation with the Pearlfin Jinyu is gained during quests in the Jade Forest storyline:

  1. A [86] The Path of War (+2000) & A [86] Freeing Our Brothers (+2000) & A [86] Ancient Power (+2000)
  2. A [86] Kung Din (+4000)
  3. A [86] Jailbreak (+1000)
  4. A [86] The Pearlfin Situation (+2500)
  5. A [86] Family Heirlooms (+2500) & A [86] The Elder's Instruments (+2500)
  6. A [86] Spirits of the Water (+5000)
  7. A [86] A Perfect Match (+4000)
  8. A [86] Bigger Fish to Fry (+4500)
  9. A [86] Let Them Burn (+5000) & A [86] Carp Diem (+5000)

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