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NeutralA Return to Resting





This quest is part of the Fury of the Kvaldir quest chain.


Use the  [Bundle of Vrykul Artifacts] at the ransacked burial mounds of Shield Hill to return the Frozen Heart of Isuldof, the Shield of the Aesirites, the Staff of Storm's Fury and the Ancient Armor of the Kvaldir.

Return to Orfus of Kamagua at the Ancient Lift should you succeed.


<Orfus hands you a satchel.>

Within this satchel are the artifacts that you recovered. Locate the burial mounds of Shield Hill where the items were originally stolen from and return the artifacts. It is my hope that this gesture will quell the spirits that now haunt our hunting grounds.

Be strong, <name>...

Provided Item:


Is it done? Are the spirits at rest?


Grim tidings, <name>. My people are in danger and must be warned. These sea faring aberrations will take no mercy upon the Kalu'ak.


As each item is returned, the corresponding revenant appears and attacks. Defeating them is not necessary for the quest.

Fengir the Disgraced says: Your offering has come too late, little one. Can you feel the mist closing in upon you? The Kvaldir return...
Rodin the Reckless says: From the mist and fog the Kvaldir approach. Flee while you still breathe the air of the living...
Isuldof Iceheart says: Look to the seas, as your doom comes with the swell of tides.
Windan of the Kvaldir says: My brothers have awoken. Your efforts are wasted...

Quest progression

  1. A [71] Orfus of Kamagua (optional)
  2. N [71] The Dead Rise!
  3. N [71] Elder Atuik and Kamagua
  4. N [71] Grezzix Spindlesnap
  5. N [71] Street "Cred"
  6. N [71] "Scoodles"
  7. Four-way quest fork - three with 1 step, the shield with 4 steps:
  8. N [71] A Return to Resting (after completing all of Step 7)
  9. N [71] Return to Atuik

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