Quest:A Spear Through My Side, A Chain Through My Soul

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NeutralA Spear Through My Side, A Chain Through My Soul
Orbiss and Dmong Naruuk
Start Orbiss [67.9, 67.7]
End Orbiss [67.9, 67.7]
Level 89 (Requires 88)
Category Townlong Steppes
Experience 196000
Rewards 11g
Previous N [89] A Delicate Balance (optional)
Next N [89] The Torches



Slay Dmong Naruuk, the shaman who holds Orbiss hostage.


My fate is sealed. The yaungol put this spear in my side. The wound will kill me.

The yaungol hold me in place with their twisted, corrupted magic. The indignity of it hurts worse than my spear-wound.

My death, I cannot stop. My imprisonment... you may be able to help me with this.

(Dmong Naruuk: "A powerful mist-shaman of the Osul tribe.")


You will receive: 11g


I will not die before having my revenge.


I am freed.

The yaungol must be stopped.


  • 196000 XP


Head due east of the questgiver's position to find a path leading to the Upper Sumprushes. Circle around to the west to find Dmong Naruuk, a level 89 yaungol with 1,144,000 health.


Dmong Naruuk yells: You are on the wrong side of this battle, <race>. You side with savage beasts!

At 25%:

Dmong Naruuk yells: No! I've lost focus on the torch!
Naruuk breaks off and runs to the torch.
Dmong Naruuk yells: Must... regain... control...
It backfires, killing him instantly.

Return to Orbiss.

Quest progression

Optional breadcrumb: N [89] A Delicate Balance

  1. N [89] A Spear Through My Side, A Chain Through My Soul
  2. N [89] The Torches
  3. N [89] Golgoss & N [89] Arconiss
  4. N [89] The Death of Me
  5. N [89] Golgoss Hungers & N [89] Arconiss Thirsts & N [89] Orbiss Fades
  6. N [89] Mists' Opportunity

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