Quest:A Strange Appetite

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NeutralA Strange Appetite
Start Skeer the Bloodseeker [25.7, 50.3]
End Skeer the Bloodseeker [25.7, 50.6]
Level 90 (Requires 89)
Category Dread Wastes
Experience 236000
Reputation +250 The Klaxxi
Rewards 11g 40s
Previous N [90] Skeer the Bloodseeker
Next N [90] The Scent of Blood



Spiny Starfish

Collect 12 Starfish Meat.


Food. I must have food.

In my time, the meat of the starfish brought not only strength, but also clarity of mind. This is what I must eat.

Bring this to me from the nearby shallows.

Wait much longer, and I will devour you instead.


You will receive: 11g 40s


The juices of the starfish will clear my mind.


Yes, give it here! Well done, Wakener.



Pick up N [90] Fine Dining and N [90] A Bloody Delight before heading out.

Exit the cave back into the Muckscale Shallows. While in the area, Skeer provides the Mark of Skeer, granting water breathing at 125% swim speed. Start killing makura and remora, and gathering starfish from the seabed and rocks underwater. The makura are neutral, and so are Bitterwater Crabs, so make sure the right mobs are getting killed. Tails drop from roughly every other clacker, and remora drop 6-15 units of blood each, averaging around 8. Gather everything up, then head back.

Quest progression

Rik'kal the Dissector
  1. N [90] The Zan'thik Dig
  2. N [90] The Dissector Wakens
Skeer the Bloodseeker
  1. N [90] Skeer the Bloodseeker
  2. N [90] A Strange Appetite & N [90] Fine Dining & N [90] A Bloody Delight
  3. N [90] The Scent of Blood
After completing both quest chains
  1. N [88] Overthrone

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