Quest:Dar'Khan's Lieutenants

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HordeDar'Khan's Lieutenants
Start Magister Idonis[55, 49]
End Magister Idonis[55, 49]
Level 20 (Requires 17)
Category Ghostlands
Experience 1950
Reputation +3000 Tranquillien
Rewards  [Ley-Keeper's Wand] or
 [Ghostclaw Leggings] or
 [Reforged Quel'dorei Crest]
Previous War on Deatholme



Magister Idonis wants you to venture into Deatholme to slay Masophet the Black, Jurion the Deceiver, Borgoth the Bloodletter and Mirdoran the Fallen. Report back to him in the Sanctum of the Sun in the Ghostlands after you've completed this task.


The odious traitor, Dar'Khan, has risen to great power among the ranks of the Scourge. His lieutenants command vast armies of undead against our dwindling numbers.

Masophet the Black, Jurion the Deceiver, Borgoth the Bloodletter, Mirdoran the Fallen. Learn these names well for in the Ghostlands these Scourge leaders are second only to Dar'Khan himself. Slay them and their mindless armies will be thrown into disarray.


Dar'Khan's armies will soon fall. The Scourge shall not stand a chance against the combined might of the sin'dorei and the Forsaken.



You will be able to choose one of these rewards

You will also receive: 25s

Quest progression

  1. H [20] The Sanctum of the Sun
  2. H [20] War on Deatholme
  3. H [20] Dar'Khan's Lieutenants

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