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The subject of this article or section was part of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, a world event that heralded the opening of Ahn'Qiraj. This quest was removed as of patch 4.0.3a.

Start Narain Soothfancy
End Narain Soothfancy
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Type Group
Category Silithus
Experience 1980 (or 39s at level 70)
Reputation Brood of Nozdormu 25
Previous rAnS0m
Next The Only Prescription

This quest is part of the  [Blue Scepter Shard] fork of  [The Scepter of the Shifting Sands] quest chain.



Narain Soothfancy in Tanaris wants you to travel to Winterspring and place the  [Bag of Gold] at the drop off point documented by the booknappers.


I've got it! Here's what we're going to do. I'm going to fill a sack up with rocks and you're going to make the drop. I know it said that I should make the delivery and I'm going to - sort of.

<Narain looks you up and down.>

Yes, you will do just fine. Take this turban, robe, and sack of rocks and head to the drop off point in Winterspring.

I've included everything you need in this special kit. When they show up to pick up the goods, snuff them out! That will teach them to mess with Narain!


I think we may have underestimated these booknappers.


  • The location in Winterspring is [70, 73].
  • Number Two will require a group of three to five to successfully kill.
  • Be careful to not fall off the mountain.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression

This is part of the  [Blue Scepter Shard] fork of  [The Scepter of the Shifting Sands] quest chain:

  1. N [60] Azuregos's Magical Ledger
  2. N [60] Translating the Ledger
  3. Combat Maws
    1. N [60] The Good News and The Bad News
    2. N [60] The Wrath of Neptulon

Patch changes

WoW Icon 16x16.png Patch 1.9.0 (2006-01-03): Added

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