Quest:Gambling Problem

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NeutralGambling Problem
Start Ambersmith Zikk [55.0, 35.6]
End Deck Boss Arie [54.7, 72.2]
Level 90 (Requires 89)
Category Dread Wastes
Experience 23600
Rewards 1g 14s
Previous N [90] The Root of the Problem, N [90] Feed or Be Eaten, N [90] The Kunchong Whisperer
Next N [90] Mazu's Breath



Speak with Deck Boss Arie at Soggy's Gamble in Dread Wastes.


If this war is to be won we cannot afford to leave anything unchecked, outsider.

There is a disturbance among the coast that needs to be investigated. The presence there is not of our kind and are of no value to us. However, their supplies could prove very valuable.

If there is anything of use there we must get to it before the empress.


You will receive: 1g 14s


So the bugs have taken an interest in us, have they? Well if they want somethin' from us they'll have to come and earn it themselves!

You work for what you get here. That means you too!


  • 23600 XP


This is an optional breadcrumb to Soggy's Gamble, an Anglers outpost along the southern shore of Dread Wastes. Ambersmith Zikk will offer it upon completion of "The Might of the Klaxxi" criterion of [Dread Haste Makes Dread Waste].

Quest progression

Optional breadcrumb: N [90] Gambling Problem

  1. N [90] Mazu's Breath
  2. N [90] Fresh Pots & N [90] You Otter Know
  3. N [90] Meet the Cap'n
  4. N [90] Walking Dog & N [90] Old Age and Treachery & N [90] On the Crab & N [90] Shark Week & N [90] Dog Food
  5. N [90] Reeltime Strategy
  6. N [90] The Mariner's Revenge
  7. N [90] Mazu's Bounty

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