Quest:Herbal Remedies

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HordeHerbal Remedies
Start Sunwalker Dezco
End Sunwalker Dezco
Level 86 (Requires 86)
Category Krasarang Wilds
Experience 111,000
Rewards 5x  [Lotus Water]
9g 80s
Previous H [86] Skitterer Stew, B [86] Blind Them!
Next H [86] The Mogu Agenda



Find 20 Imperial Lotus Leaves.


Kang's remedy isn't working.

There is something else at work here. A power deep beneath the soil. It is sapping us of hope, hitting us with depression and despair.

Kang tells me this land has lotus plants. I might be able to make a tea that would hopefully lend Leza some strength.

Please, <name>, search the ruins south and west of here for lotus leaves. I will pay you for your efforts.


You will receive: 9g 80s
Inv drink 14.png 5x [Lotus Water]


I've been punched, stabbed, thrown off of a cliff, hit in the face by someone's mace, hit in the face by my own mace, and fell off the elevator at Thunder Bluff on more than one occasion.

None of that pain sounds even half as bad as what Leza is going through. I hope this tea helps...


Thank you hero. Kor is a brave warrior but he lacks compassion at times. Life must come before death, or there will be none of us left when the fighting is done.

Quest progression

  1. H [86] Poisoned!
  2. H [86] Skitterer Stew & H [86] Blind Them!
  3. H [86] Threat from Dojan & H [86] Herbal Remedies & H [86] The Mogu Agenda
  4. H [86] The Pools of Youth
  5. H [86] Life

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