Quest:Hero's Call: Wetlands!

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AllianceHero's Call: Wetlands!
Start Hero's Call Board
End Mountaineer Rharen
Level 20 (Requires 19)
Category Wetlands
Experience 155
Reputation +10 Ironforge
Next The Stolen Keg



Report to Mountaineer Rharen at Dun Algaz.


By order of his royal highness, King Varian Wrynn, all able-bodied citizens of the Alliance are to report to Mountaineer Rharen at Dun Algaz.

In the wake of the cataclysm's destruction, Wetlands has become overrun with wild beasts, orcish raiders, and savage gnolls! To reach the Wetlands, you must travel north from Loch Modan through the dwarven hold of Dun Algaz.

For the glory and honor of the Alliance!


Unavailable if A [20] Checking on the Boys is complete or in quest log.


We haven't gotten much in the way of reinforcements lately. We can use every pair of hands we can get.

Quest progression

  1. A [20] Checking on the Boys / A [20] Hero's Call: Wetlands! (optional breadcrumb to Dun Algaz)
  2. A [20] The Stolen Keg & A [21] Cleaning Hovel
  3. A [20] Keg Run (optional breadcrumb to Slabchisel's Survey)
  4. A [20] Fight the Flood & A [20] Sedimentary, My Dear & A [20] Thresh Out of Luck
  5. A [20] Drungeld Glowerglare & A [20] A Dumpy Job & A [20] Fenbush Berries
  6. A [21] Get Out Of Here, Stalkers & A [21] Down In Thelgen Rock & A [21] Incendicite Ore
  7. A [21] Onwards to Menethil (optional breadcrumb to Menethil Harbor)

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