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NeutralJust the Tip
Start  [Elaborate Disc] [64.8, 29.6]
End Harrison Jones [64.6, 28.6]
Level 83 (Requires 83)
Category Uldum
Experience 11000
Rewards  [Shardfinder Hood] or  [Splinterproof Bracers] or  [Staffseeker Shoulderplates]
Previous Premature Explosionation
Next On to Something



Obtain the  [Sultan's Staff] from Sultan Oogah, then use the Elaborate Disc to create the Shaft of the Stars.

Provided item:  [Elaborate Disc]


The etching around the surface of this object indicates that it is of ancient origins, and yet, no signs of wear can be detected.

A hole on its edge, full of splintered wood, assures you that it is meant to be mounted on a wooden pole of some sort.

Before showing this staff to Doctor Jones, you set off to find the missing staff.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv helmet cloth cataclysm b 02.png [Shardfinder Hood] Inv bracer leather cataclysm b 01.png [Splinterproof Bracers]
Inv shoulder plate cataclysm b 02.png [Staffseeker Shoulderplates]


Yes, <name>?


<Doctor Jones puts on his spectacles.>

Let's have a look at this. Shall we?


After picking up Field Work from the Sand Pygmy Corpse next to the player's unfortunate landing after Premature Explosionation, head just to the southeast to find the Elaborate Disc, which offers this quest. Sultan Oogah can be found riding Skarf just to the east at an unnamed pygmy camp.

Killing Skarf, or any other hyena, starts another quest: Do the World a Favor.

Quest progression

Optional breadcrumb: N [83] Take it to 'Em!

  1. N [83] Premature Explosionation
  2. N [83] Field Work / N [83] Just the Tip
  3. N [83] On to Something
  4. N [83] The Thrill of Discovery
  5. N [83] Be Prepared / N [83] Lessons From the Past
  6. N [83] By the Light of the Stars
  7. N [83] Tipping the Balance
  8. N [83] After the Fall
  9. N [83] Do the Honors

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