Quest:Know Thine Enemy

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AllianceKnow Thine Enemy
Start Vindicator Aalesia
End Vindicator Aalesia
Level 14 (Requires 13)
Category Bloodmyst Isle
Experience 975
Reputation 250 Exodar
Rewards 6s
Next Containing the Threat



Find the Nazzivus Monument in Nazzivian and retrieve a  [Nazzivus Monument Glyph]. Return to Vindicator Aalesia in Blood Watch when you have one of the glyphs.


It's good to see another new face here in Blood Watch, <class>. Although the blood elves are the most immediate threat, there are other sinister creatures that call Bloodmyst Isle home.

The Nazzivus satyr are of particular concern. They are foul, demonic creatures, commanding dark magics and feeding on the corruption created by the Exodar's crash.

We must hold them in check, but first we must learn more about them. Go southwest to Nazzivian and learn what you can from their grotesque monument.


Were you successful in obtaining knowledge of the Nazzivus satyr?


Well done, <name>. Let me see what I can learn from this glyph, so we can plan our next move.

Cut scene

On completion:
Vindicator Aalesia says: These pictographs tell a story. This figure at the beginning, almost looks like one of the creatures we encountered at Azure Watch...
Vindicator Aalesia says: No, this can't be... It says this creature willingly became a servant of the Legion. He transforms into a satyr and receives the Legion's "blessing."
Vindicator Aalesia says: We must defeat these satyr, <name>. We will not suffer the Legion's presence in these lands.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


You will receive:6s


Nazzivus Monument Glyph is located in the north end of the Nazzivian [36.5, 71.4].

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