Quest:Spirit of the Stag

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NeutralSpirit of the Stag
Start Keeper Karithus
End Keeper Karithus
Level 12 (Requires 10)
Experience 0



Keeper Karithus has instructed you to receive the blessing of the Great Stag Spirit.


In these woods reside three great spirits, that of the Stag, that of the Thistle Bear, and that of the Moonstalker. These spirits make powerful allies, but you can only align yourself with one of them.

If you wish to align yourself with the Great Stag Spirit, take this incense to the woods just north of Bashal'Aran. Meditate before the great spirit while burning the incense on the ground between you, and face his trial to earn his blessing. Should you succeed, return to me.

Quest progression

  1. A [11] A Lost Companion
  2. A [12] Ritual Materials / A [12] Twice Removed / A [12] Unsavory Remedies
  3. A [12] The Ritual Bond
  4. Talk to one of the animal spirits to complete one of these (you will be unable to complete the other two):
  5. A [12] Grimclaw's Return

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