Quest:The Burning Blade

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HordeThe Burning Blade
Start Orgnil Soulscar
End Orgnil Soulscar
Level 10 (Requires 8)
Category Durotar
Experience 840 (or 5s 10c)
Reputation +250 Orgrimmar
+250 Darkspear Trolls
Rewards 3s 50c
Previous none
Next The Dranosh'ar Blockade



Obtain 6 Burning Blade Spellscrolls from members of the Burning Blade in Dustwind Cave.


I've been sent to investigate the presence of more Burning Blade agents here in Durotar. To the northeast, you'll find a cave where the organization trains their new recruits. I'm interested in what exactly they are teaching these neophytes.

I only tell you this because you seem to be looking for work. If you're interested in a little coin, sack the cave and return with their spellscrolls.

The cave is somewhat hidden: exit Razor Hill from the east, and follow the canyon's eastern ridge.


You will receive: 3s 50c


The scrolls, <name>, the scrolls!


This is quite interesting. These rites aren't all that different from the spells which are taught to Horde warlocks. This merits further investigation!


To find the cave, go to the north side of Razor Hill. Instead of going into the canyon, turn right and go past the fence. Turn left as soon as you are able. Go up the ridge and head north. The cave will be straight ahead at [52.8, 28.7].

The Burning Blade in the cavern have a high chance of inflicting Felblood. Gain 5 stacks of this and you will transform into a demon for 30 seconds, granting you increased health regeneration and critical hit rate. Take advantage of this to help finish the quest.

Quest progression


Dranosh'ar Blockade

  1. H [10] The Burning Blade
  2. H [10] The Dranosh'ar Blockade
  3. H [10] Fizzled
  4. H [10] Margoz
  5. H [12] Skull Rock

Available at the same time as H [10] The Dranosh'ar Blockade:

Deadeye Shore

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