Quest:The Threat in the South

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NeutralThe Threat in the South
Start Taoshi
End Bowmistress Li
Level 90 (Requires 89)
Category Dread Wastes
Experience 23,600
Rewards 1g 14s
Previous N [89] The Sha of Hatred
Next N [90] Falling Down, N [90] Nope



Speak with Bowmistress Li on the Serpent's Spine.


With the Sha of Hatred dead, the greatest threat to this land is vanquished, but our travels along the southern border have made it exceedingly clear that the mantid forces in the Dread Wastes are on the move, and likely won't be held back for long.

If you wish to continue to aid the Shado-Pan, I would recommend reporting in to Bowmistress Li on the Serpent's Spine. She oversees the great wall that separates the terrors in the Dread Wastes from our bountiful lands to the east.


You will receive: 1g 14s


A volunteer for Dread Wastes duty? I think you might be the first.

Pleased to meet you.


Upon completion of this quest, you will gain:

  • 23,600 XP


Take the flight path to the Serpent's Spine, south of the Gate of the Setting Sun.

Quest progression

Optional breadcrumbs: B [90] The Klaxxi, N [90] Dread Space, N [90] The Threat in the South, N [90] Better Dead than Dread

  1. N [90] Falling Down & N [90] Nope
  2. N [90] Psycho Mantid
  3. N [90] Preserved in Amber
  4. N [90] Wakening Sickness & N [90] Ancient Vengeance
  5. N [90] The Klaxxi Council

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