Quest:Zen Healing

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AllianceZen Healing
Zen Lotus on Pearl Lake
Start Bold Karasshi
End Mishka
Level 85 (Requires 85)
Category The Jade Forest
Experience 110000
Rewards 9g 80s
Previous A [86] Jailbreak
Next A [86] Family Heirlooms, A [86] The Elder's Instruments



Zen Lotus

Collect 6 Zen Lotus.


Your friend Taylor is in critical shape. Unfortunately, his wounds are tainted by hozen poison, which is very difficult to cure.

Luckily, through many generations of fighting the hozen, my people have developed medicines to treat such injuries.

The flowers growing on the surface of Pearl Lake are needed to make the antidote.

<Name>, go quickly and bring back some blooms. Your Admiral's life depends on it.


You will receive: 9g 80s


Did you find the flowers on the lake?


I cannot be sure that these flowers do as that jinyu says, but he has not yet led us astray.

Even though we are in a vulnerable position here, I feel it is best to trust their intentions.

I will get to work immediately.


  • 110000 XP


Pick up A [86] The Pearlfin Situation and A [86] Road Rations before heading out. The first two NPCs are just to the north. Plenty of lotus on the water. Tortoises are in the water. Swimspeed/waterbreathing given by the jinyu helps. The other two are down at the south end of the island.

Quest progression

  1. A [86] The Missing Admiral
  2. A [86] The Path of War & A [86] Freeing Our Brothers & A [86] Ancient Power
  3. A [86] Kung Din
  4. A [86] Jailbreak
  5. A [86] The Pearlfin Situation & A [86] Road Rations
  6. A [86] Family Heirlooms & A [86] The Elder's Instruments
  7. A [86] Spirits of the Water

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