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Image of Shinfel
Gender Female
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Character class Warlock
Affiliation Council of the Black Harvest; Silvermoon City (ostensibly)
Location Unknown
Status Alive

Shinfel is a powerful blood elf warlock, affiliated with the Council of the Black Harvest and her own warlock-based sect. Present during the battle against Cho'gall, her blood was corrupted by his dark magics and she became a slave within her very own mind. Though she survived the ordeal, black marks now adorn her arms as a testament to the torturous pain she had suffered, which has done little to curb her already sadistic streak. Her attire of choice is decorated by sharp spikes of twilight elementium.

After convening with her fellow warlocks on the council, Shinfel was partnered with Zelfrax to hunt down the scattered remnants of the Twilight Cult, and glean what knowledge (and, consequently, power) they can from the cultists -- one way or another.[1]


During the beta, she had the quote "All debts must be repaid... eventually." on the warlock talent [Dark Bargain].