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For ghostly creatures often associated as spirits, see Ghost.

The source book for WoW Roleplaying game defines Spirit as the following: Spirit relates to common sense and the ability to perceive the environment. It gives a character the ability to look at a forest and find the tracks of a creature; at the simplest level it allows a character to know not to put his hands in the fire, else they will get burned. Any creature that can perceive its environment in any fashion has at least some Spirit. Those who survive by wit and intuition, such as healers and scouts, have high Spirit.[1]

In the World of Warcraft computer game, Spirit is much more mundane. It regenerates Mana and Health. In most cases, both types of regeneration are suspended in combat.

Mana regeneration

Main article: Mana regeneration

Temporary buffs to spirit

There are several consumable buffs to spirit. Not all stack with each other, and some have limited availability.


Elixir (you can have 1 Battle Elixir and 1 Guardian Elixir):


Food (food or drink):


Other effects

Some talents and abilities allow you to use your spirit in other ways.


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