Tattered Note

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Tattered Note

Tattered Note [58.0, 48.4] is a piece of parchment at the base of a cave in blocking the mouth of the Mysterious Den in the Red Stone Run, on the eastern side of the Timeless Isle.

Tattered Note

I have tried everything to remove this cave-in! Black Ox give me fortitude, I cannot move even a single rock. Perhaps if I were to borrow one of the great weapons of legend from the temple grounds...

This suggests to find one of the Timeless Legends on the isle, and use the provided bonus ability on the Cave-In. Should players somehow find themselves locked inside the mysterious den, there is a Rock-breaking Hammer on the inside that can be used to break the cave-in as well. Either method of breaking the cave-in will immediately summon Spelurk, a rare mistlurker.

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