Vindicator Maraad

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AllianceVindicator Maraad
Image of Vindicator Maraad
Gender Male
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 80 Elite
Character class Paladin
Health 36,860
Mana 7,988
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation Exodar
Valiance Expedition
New Council of Tirisfal
Location The Skybreaker, Icecrown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unnamed sister, Garona (niece), Med'an (grandnephew), Yrel (lover)

Vindicator Maraad, a wandering warrior of faith, is a pillar of draenei society. After prevailing against evil in the Northrend campaign, this hammer-wielding paladin began instructing the other races of the Alliance in the ways of the Light. Exposure to Azeroth's myriad dangers has left Maraad prone to action above meditation—he will strike while others tarry.[1]

He wields a [Hammer of the Naaru]. His sister became the mother to the assassin Garona Halforcen. He is currently Garona's oldest living relative, and with the death of Aegwynn, to her son Med'an as well.

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While living on Draenor prior to it becoming Outland, Maraad loved a draenei woman named Yrel. Yrel was "defiled" and killed during the orcs' war with the draenei, much to Maraad's horror. He also lost his sister to Gul'dan's experiments, where she was raped by orcs and gave birth to Garona.

World of Warcraft: The Comic

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Maraad rescued Garona from Theramore, and revealed that he is Garona's uncle (and therefore Med'an's great uncle). He explained that Gul'dan had bred his sister to one of his warriors (which, considering orcish/draenei relations at the time, implies rape), which resulted in Garona's birth. Once he had learned of his sister's daughter, Maraad began his years-long search for her.[2] He has now become a founding member of the New Council of Tirisfal.

During his search, Maraad eventually met and befriended Khadgar, likely before the Dark Portal was reopened. When he introduced Med'an to Khadgar, the paladin and mage had greeted each other as old friends. Maraad also taught Med'an the ways of the Light.

Wrath of the Lich King

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Maraad was stationed aboard the Skybreaker which is flying above Icecrown.

Prophet's Lesson

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Coming home from his tour of duty in Northrend, Vindicator Maraad was surprised to learn both that human refugees from the Shattering were camped outside the Exodar, and that Velen had refused to meet with anyone in weeks. When it was revealed in a meeting with the Triumvirate of the Hand that the Exodar was nearly repaired, Maraad decided that if Velen would not lead them, then it was up to them to decide what to do: take the fight to the Legion, return to Outland, or stay on Azeroth. It was agreed that if Velen did not speak to them within the week, then they would leave Azeroth.

When the refugees began rioting and seriously injured Vindicator Romnar, Maraad and the other vindicators were forced to use deadly force to defend themselves. When Velen appeared to stop the battle, Maraad told him about their ultimatum. Velen told them that war was everywhere, and they were needed on Azeroth. Deeply moved, Maraad went to heal the refugees with the other draenei.

The Untamed Valley

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Vindicator Maraad in the short story The Untamed Valley.

Warlords of Draenor

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Maraad will be one of the first to enter Draenor and a major Alliance hero in the expansion. There, he meets the alternate version of his beloved Yrel and forms a bond with her like the one he had before.

At some point of the Shadowmoon Valley storyline, Maraad will be captured by Ner'zhul's forces. The adventurers will free him from captivity. Later, after Velen's attempt to purify Ner'zhul's darkened naaru and his subsequent death, Maraad leads the charge on Grommar in retaliation.[3]

Maraad, Yrel, Hansel, and Thaelin later travel through Gorgrond attacking Iron Horde settlements. Maraad's anger and vengeance frighten Yrel, but she is able to calm him down and takes contorl of the operation in his stead.

Action Figure

Maraad is featured in DC Unlimited's World of Warcraft: Series 2 action figure set.[4]

Though DC's site calls him "Marrad", the correct spelling of "Maraad" is used on the actual packaging.

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