Vision of Time

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  • Vision of Time
  • Quest Item
  • Unique
  • Use: Turn the Vision of Time hourglass.
  • "The sands of the epoch stones pour endlessly from one bulb to the next, never seeming to fill or empty either one."

The Vision of Time is provided by Kairoz for the following quests:

  1. N [90] A Vision in Time
  2. N [90] Refining The Vision
  3. N [90] Seeking Fate
  4. N [90] Hidden Threads
  5. N [90] Courting Destiny
  6. N [90] One Final Turn

In LFR, the vision can only be used after the last boss in the wing has been killed. Players not wanting to wait can form a raid with a friend and enter Siege of Orgrimmar on Normal mode to use the item without killing any bosses.

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